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Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology, Fantasy, Historical

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology, Fantasy, Historical
Release Date: June 19, 2014
Digital ISBN-10: 1631120522 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-052-7
Print ISBN-10: 1631120530 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-053-4
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

Serpent Priestess of the Annunaki
The Annunaki on Nibiru lack precious metals, stones and minerals, which they desire, food on Nibiru is also running low. Their solution: establish a colony on a distant planet teeming with wildlife and vegetation. When the Annunaki discover they are ill equipped to labor under the harsh conditions found on Earth, they  create a workforce called humans, a hybrid manufactured from their DNA and a species known as hominid.

The Serpent Priestess Ninkha and her husband Lord Enki are charged with this task, battling not only the challenges faced adjusting to life on Earth, but Enki's brother, Enlil, as well. Will the humans live as Enki and Ninkha envisioned--able to learn, create and above all, reason? Or will they subjugate themselves to Enlil and his rule willingly?

At stake is the future of the Priestesses of Damuth, who, along with their serpents, service the Annunaki with their own blood, providing those who partake of the cocktail of blood and venom the ultimate in achieving a higher state of consciousness, along with youth, vigour and longevity. If Enlil, whose disdain of them is well-known, wins, what will happen to them?

To protect themselves and their descendants they form the ‘Dragon Court’, but is it enough?

Serpent Priestesses or Witches, Gods or Demons,

Aliens or Ancestors, Oppressors or Creators?

Perhaps all of the above..............

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Four new books all at once!!! Wow! Check it out!

 Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Historical, Romance, Western
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Digital ISBN 13 978-1-63112-089-3 ISBN 10: 1631120891
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-090-9 ISBN 10: 1631120905
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

Love Finds Its Way
Lucas arrived at the Sullivan mansion as an orphan with a vicious burn on his side. The mark is a clue to his past, and the accident that took his family. The Sullivans gave him a home, raised him as their son, and made him heir to their fortune. He has everything a man could want, but he’s tortured by the secrets from his past. He’s a man without a name.

For seventeen years, Lucas has called the Sullivan girls his sisters, but his feelings for Callie have changed from brotherly to those of a man for a woman. As the passion between them ignites, Lucas is forced to make a choice between claiming Callie, or finding out who he is.  

On a cold January night, Lucas leaves to follow a clue to Texas, but not before he has Callie promise, “I will wait for you.”

Secrets unfold, and Lucas discovers the answers he seeks. Is it too late for Lucas and Callie, or will their love find its way?

 Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Digital ISBN 13 978-1-63112-083-1 ISBN 10:1631120832
Print ISBN 13 978-1-63112-084-8 ISBN 10:1631120840
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

The Merger
Business minded Spencer Benson only sees the bottom line getting bigger when he begins merger talks with another family owned company, however, headstrong lawyer, Julie Jacobson, is determined to be very thorough with the merger, which throws Spencer off his game.

Spencer makes no qualms of his dislike for Julie, but when she comes to him for help he finds that perhaps she's not quite the menace he thought she was. In fact, his feelings for her change completely. But when he finds that someone has used the merger to stab him in the back, where can he turn when Julie’s name is associated with the deceit?

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Historical, Alternative History
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Digital ISBN 13 978-1-63112-087-9 ISBN: 10:1631120875
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-088-6 ISBN: 10: 1631120883
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

The Paper Masque
Elsie Wembley has never suffered boredom gladly. Oldest of three—and second in line to the throne—she knows Carby like the back of her hand, always staying only one step ahead of trouble. When Elsie meets button-down Laurence Flynn, however, it seems she may finally have found someone to keep her out of it for good—at least until his secrets catch up to them.
With war on the horizon and nothing certain, Book 3 of The Broken Line Series continues in a quickly changing world.

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, General
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Digital ISBN 13 978-1-63112-085-5 ISBN: 10:1631120859
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-086-2 ISBN: 10: 1631120867
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

The Silver Unicorn
Johnny is still recovering from a suspicious car accident that he knows was no accident. Glinda is still scarred from an attack in her youth and in denial about her magical gifts. When these two guarded hearts meet at a concert the magic begins but there’s little time for Romance.

These two star crossed lovers embark on a magical journey through a time space portal aboard a magical unicorn. This portal is being misused by a group of interplanetary smugglers who will stop at nothing to keep their operation going. It's up to Glinda and Johnny to shut this nefarious enterprise down.

These two mavericks face, a mob of cruel demons, a 7-foot human named Grito, a Pit of Cleansing Fire and manage to fall in love along the way.

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Turkey Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday We got you covered!

Specials for November November 26-December 3 

.99 each Get Yours TODAY!

Matchmakers Box Set~ Bernadette Marie
Genre Contemporary Romance:
Digital ISBN:13: 978-1-63112-049-7  ISBN 10:1631120492

Cellist Sophia Burkhalter thought ten years in Europe performing with an exclusive ensemble would have made it clear that she wasn’t a candidate for her grandmother’s matchmaking. After all, she’d walked away from the man she loved, leaving him back home in Kansas City.

David Kendal had fallen in love with Sophia, a match orchestrated by her grandmother and his aunt. However, the unexpected appearance of the daughter he never knew he had—and Sophia’s sudden, subsequent departure for Europe—thrust him into the role of single father.

Carissa Kendal has only ever wanted the best for her father. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that the very woman who broke her father’s heart might be the one to make them a real family.

Can Carissa and the women who originally played matchmaker to the duo convince them that love is worth a second try? Or will careers and past mistakes tear them apart forever before they have a chance to reconcile?

Newly unemployed concert pianist, Thomas Samuel has spent most of his adult life escaping his upbringing. He’s become an expert at hiding his feelings and remaining professional. But when he meets cellist Carissa Kendal he’s faced with one emotion he can’t escape—love.

Carissa hadn’t expected her mother to take on the art of matchmaking and she was convinced she wasn’t very good at it. Strong minded Carissa had her work cut out for her with the emotionally scarred Thomas, but love always wins in the end—or does it?

By the time Thomas realizes his past does not define the man he has become it might be too late. Big venues and scenic places might just win over the heart of Carissa and take her away from him—unless he hurries and faces the man who ruined his career and convince Carissa that every performance, even love, deserves an encore.

Finding Hope
Hope Kendal has lived a perfect and peaceful life. However, she is a mystery, to herself. The one thing that would make her feel whole would be to know about her birth parents and discover who she really is.

Private investigator Trevor Jacobs has a job to do—find Hope for her biological father and get to know her without her finding out. Locating her was the easy part. Falling in love with her hadn’t been in his job description.

When Trevor is asked by Hope to help her find her birth parents he is put into a difficult situation. If she discovers he already has all of her answers it might cost him his heart—and those answers might cost Hope her life.

A Heart Not Easily Broken~ MJ Kane
Genre: Fiction/African American / Contemporary Women/ Romance/ Contemporary Women/ Contemporary/ Interracial Romance and Women’s Fiction
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-02-8 ISBN 10: 1939217024
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-03-05 ISBN 10: 1939217032

Ebony is a smart, sexy, career-oriented black woman who wants nothing more than a summer fling with a man who challenges her mind and body. What she doesn’t expect is a blond haired, blue-eyed bass player—who won’t take “no” for an answer—to accept the challenge. 
When Ebony’s attempt at a brief fling turns into more, despite negative reactions from friends and family, she finds juggling love, family, and career are nothing compared to the ultimate betrayal she endures. Now her dreams spiral into lies and secrets that threaten her future and her best friend’s trust. 

A Heart on Hold~ Sara Barnard
Genre: Fiction/Historical/Romance
Digital ISBN 13:978-14524228-0-0 ISBN 10:1-4524-2280-x
Print ISBN 13: 978-06156873-4-6 ISBN 10: 0-6156-87342

Charlotte’s lips only took a moment to find those belonging to her beloved.  He tasted faintly of molasses and she was immediately drawn into the warmth of his embrace.  Their bodies were perfectly pressed together, fitting as though one had been divinely made for the other, as Sanderson’s kisses trailed from Charlotte’s lips down her neck. 
Her hands found his softly stubbled face and guided him back to her lips.  With his strong arms around her, she’d never felt more safe. Or more vulnerable.
War. Devotion. Deceit. Death. How long can a heart hold on before it breaks? Most women would carry on with their lives after being thrust into widowhood, but not Charlotte Adamsland. Upon learning that her husband, Captain Sanderson Redding, was killed in a botched escape from a Confederate prison in Illinois, she clings to his promise to return to her no matter what, and quickly heads north through a war-ravaged country with only her faith in God and her beloved horse to bring her beloved Sanderson home – one way or another.

The Girl Before Eve~ Lisa J Hobman
Genre: Fiction/Romance/Contemporary
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-95-0  ISBN 10: 1-939217-95-4
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-96-7  ISBN 10: 1-939217-96-2

Unrequited love is the biggest heartache…
Lily and Adam have been best friends since the dawn of time. Well, the dawn of their time. Okay…since primary school actually. Everyone accepted them as best friends. Until one day, aged 18, Lily made a fateful discovery.  She was head over heels in love.
With Adam.
Her unrequited feelings are hard to deal with initially but become even harder when Lily inadvertently introduces him to the love of his life.  It all started as a bit of a joke thanks to the other woman's name.
Many years later and Adam is once again single and heartbroken and Lily is there to help him pick up the pieces.  Her methods are sometimes a little unorthodox and lead to ridiculous consequences. 
Can Lily help Adam move on and find happiness again?  And can either of the friends recover from losing the love of their lives?
Sometimes the one thing you want is way out of reach.

Until Darkness Comes~ Melynda Price
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
Digital ISBN 13: 978-0-9853345-1-2 ISBN 10: 0-9853345-1-7
Print ISBN 13: 978-09848529-9-4 ISBN 10: 0-9848-5299-9

A guardian angel… A forbidden love… Eternal consequences…
Olivia Norton was born with a gift—a gift heaven has sworn to protect, and hell is bound to destroy. Her perfect world is turned upside-down when two handsome strangers, Max and Liam, step into her life. Olivia soon discovers that her ‘Mr. Perfect’ is actually a perfect nightmare.
The rules of engagement have changed and Liam, Olivia’s guardian angel, is forced to cross dimensional borders or risk losing the woman he’s sworn to protect. Suddenly, thrust into a world unlike anything he’s ever known, Liam isn’t prepared to come face to face with the young woman whose life he holds in his hands.
But nothing is as it seems, and secrets abound that will ultimately force him to choose between two impossibilities. Max will stop at nothing to finish what he’s started, and Olivia is soon plunged into a battle between good and evil. Her very life hangs in the balance as two forces fight to win her heart.

Stutter Creek~ Ann Swann
Genre: Fiction, Romantic, Suspense
Digital ISBN 13:978-1-939217-50-9  ISBN 10:1-939217-50-4
Print ISBN 13:978-1-939217-49-3  ISBN 10:1-939217-49-0

She went looking for an old flame and found a serial killer instead.
When Beth lost her father to cancer and her husband to another woman, she didn’t know where to turn. So she retreated to the family cabin at Stutter Creek. Some of the best times of her life were spent at that cabin. That’s where she met her first crush, a boy named John. But that was many years ago…could he possibly still be around? Or would she find something sinister instead?

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Specials for November 16-December 3


                                     Sullivan’s Way~ Wilhelmina Stolen

Genre: Fiction/Romance/Historical
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-93-6   ISBN 10: 1-939217-93-8
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-94-3     ISBN 10: 1-939217-94-6

A single day shattered her life and set in motion, events that would change the Sullivan family for generations.

Marnie Joe Sullivan had the perfect life as the daughter of a wealthy Virginia businessman, but perfection wouldn't last. As the War Between the States ends, she is struggling to keep her family together. After a botched robbery, fleeing rebels leave her mother dead and Marnie at the mercy of a killer. The year is 1867 and Virginia is still home to Confederate conspirators and a killer that must be stopped. Loyalty and love run deep in the Sullivan family and Marnie is no exception. As the eldest Sullivan, she feels obligated to rescue her father from the hangman’s noose. But a jailbreak at midnight lands her in the arms of Marshal Mason Kane.
Death is never fair. Mason Kane is proof of that. The horror of war and the death of his brother made him a drunk. Consumed by guilt and grief, he finds himself occupying Richmond saloons and starting fights. But a forgotten promise to his brother forces him to put down the bottle and accept a friend’s plea for help. Mason has no idea that the scrawny, mud covered boy he just hit is Sullivan’s daughter and he has no idea just how tempting she is until he tries to mend her wounds. Bound by honor and promise, Mason sets out to find a killer. What he finds is the outlaw Marnie Sullivan. A woman he can’t live without and secrets that lie in the way.

Soul Awakening~ Doug Simpson
Genre: Fiction/General/Christian/Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal/Ghost/Visionary & Metaphysical
Digital ISBN 13:978-1-939217-06-6 ISBN 10:1939217067
Print ISBN 13: 978-1939217-07-3 ISBN 10: 1939217075

Soul Awakening is a spiritual mystery/romance story involving the discovery of reincarnation and the past lifetimes of a group of individuals. It is a work of fiction, but was inspired by a series of actual events that were experienced by the author or other individuals known to the author. It involves the apparently accidental, though actually orchestrated by Divine Intervention, meeting of three total strangers, and their ultimate discovery that they shared previous lifetimes together. It includes episodes of spirit communication, messages from God, past-life regression sessions, Guardian Angels, past-life recall in the awake state, and Soul Attraction, which is the reincarnation of groups of souls together, in more than one lifetime, in order to deal with uncompleted Karmic connections from previous lifetimes together.

Soul Rescue~ Doug Simpson
Genre: Fiction/General/Christian/Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal/Ghost/Visionary & Metaphysical
Digital ISBN ISBN 13: 978-1939217-12-7 ISBN 10: 193917121
Print ISBN ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-13-4  ISBN 10: 193921713X

Dacque LaRose, the protagonist in the Dacque Chronicles, is a very unusual Good Samaritan who has been selected by the Heavenly Powers to assist Them in rescuing deserving souls in need of rescuing, no matter whether these souls still reside in human bodies or have departed from their human residences when their body passed away. Dacque’s soul has earned this exalted position as God’s helper through his exemplary actions and clean living throughout his numerous previous incarnations, as well as his current lifetime. To assist Dacque in carrying out these noble duties he has been bestowed with unique powers in this lifetime, powers which allow him to see and converse with spirits as well as receive direct messages from the Heavenly Powers.
Soul Rescue is the recounting of Dacque’s latest adventure where he is directed to the local children’s hospital to locate and assist the earth-bound spirits of five children stranded for many decades. Dacque is rewarded with three touching personal relationships throughout this adventure and a totally unanticipated surprise at the conclusion of his Heavenly assignment.
Soul Rescue, Book II of the Dacque Chronicles, is a fictional novel inspired by a series of actual events.

Soul Mind~ Doug Simpson
Genre: Fiction/General/Christian/Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal/Ghost/Visionary & Metaphysical
Digital ISBN ISBN 13:978-1-939217-26-4 10:1939217261
Print ISBN ISBN 13: 978-1-9-939217-27-1  10:193921727x

Dacque LaRose, a genuine good-guy and Good Samaritan, was accustomed to being visited by and communicating with disembodied spirits as he carried out his occasional assignments received from the Heavenly Powers. His latest spirit visit went miles beyond anything he would have ever imagined. The spirit of a former acquaintance and recent murder victim joined Dacque one morning on his favorite park bench and asked him to assist in solving his murder as the local authorities were getting nowhere, through no fault of their own but due to a lack of any substantial evidence in the case.
Dacque had absolutely no idea how he could be of assistance in solving a murder, but he was accustomed to receiving his Heavenly assignments one installment at a time so he knew the steps he would be expected to follow would appear in due course.
Dacque’s new assignment proved exciting and educational as the spirit of the murdered acquaintance gladly explained to Dacque and his detective friend the inner workings of the Soul Mind or subconscious mind.

Soul Connections~ Doug Simpson
Genre: Fiction/General/Christian/Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal/Ghost/Visionary & Metaphysical
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-47-9 ISBN 10: 1-939217-47-4
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-939217-48-6 ISBN 10: 1-939217-48-2

Soul Connections describes the educational journey, guided by the spirit of a sudden murder victim, of a group of individuals through the process of investigating their inter-connected past lifetimes.  As well as the surprising discoveries uncovered through their past-life research, the spirit and soul of the murder victim educates its past relatives, from its previous lifetimes, in the knowledge retained by our souls after death, and in the ‘life’ of souls temporarily residing on the other side as they await their next incarnation.

Indiscretion~ Tonya Lampley
Genre: Fiction/ African American/ Contemporary Woman
Digital ISBN 13:978-1-939217-80-6  ISBN 10: 1-939217-80-6
Print ISBN 13:978-1-939217-79-0  ISBN 10: 1-939217-79-2

One careless night and a man’s life is changed forever.
Damon Harris wants a better life than the one he’s currently living. He has a penchant for trouble and a trail of mistakes behind him, but inside he can feel a greater call urging him on to the man he knows he can become. He marries the ideal woman in hopes it might settle him down. But change is hard. Stuck in a self-created prison where the only warden is himself, he’ll do just about anything to break free.

A few drinks, a beautiful girl…was it worth it?

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Awesome Sale going on! The Three Mrs Monroes~Bernadette Marie .99 Get yours today!



Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre Contemporary Romance:
Amelia Book one of The Three Mrs. Monroes
Release Date: July 31, 2014
Digital ISBN-10: 1631120387 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-038-1
Print ISBN-10: 1631120395 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-039-8
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

From loss breeds new opportunity.
Amelia Monroe had felt the sharp pain from the loss of a soldier before—Adam Monroe’s death didn’t have that same effect.
Sam Jackson had one job—deliver Adam Monroe’s revised will. Even he couldn’t have anticipated that he’d be entangled in the web of lies his client had woven.
Doing what is right had been inbred in Amelia. She’d planned to say her goodbyes and start fresh. Staying in Adam’s small town with his other lies, that wasn’t part of her plan.

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre Contemporary Romance:
Penelope Book two of The Three Mrs. Monroes
Release Date: August 28, 2014
Digital ISBN-10: 1631120409 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-040-4
Print ISBN-10: 1631120417 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-041-1
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

From loss breeds new life.
Penelope Monroe married on impulse and her heart had been broken by Adam Monroe’s lies. Pregnant she wonders how she will survive, alone, with her baby.
Brock Romero held Adam Monroe when he died in combat. Now released from the Army he makes it his priority to find Adam’s wife and share with her his last words.
On the verge of making the same mistake twice, Penelope must trust her heart—especially when new lies are uncovered.

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre Contemporary Romance:
Vivian Book three of The Three Mrs. Monroes
Release Date: October 9, 2014
Digital ISBN-10: 1631120425 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-042-8
Print ISBN-10: 1631120433 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-043-5
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

From loss breeds new beginnings
Vivian Monroe had been jaded. Her husband’s death only compounded the lies she’d only come to learn about.
Clayton North knows a thing or two about loss. He figured it was fate for him to meet Vivian Monroe. He’ll take on the challenge of helping her mend her heart.
Midst new friendships and new romance, Vivian must let go of her pain and face the woman who helped Adam Monroe weave his deceptive web.

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WOW! A ton of new releases! Check them all out

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: FICTION / Westerns
Release Date: November 6, 2014
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-077-0 ISBN 10: 1631120778
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-078-7  ISBN 10: 1631120786
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html
Sheriff Luke Atwell, a religious man, doubts his occupation after accidentally shooting a female bystander during a gunfight. The violent deaths of lawmen and criminals that follow heighten his questioning and he joins the priesthood to counter evil as a man of peace. However, his lawman instincts remain as he deals with crime in his inner-city parish. Temporarily relieved of his priestly obligations, Atwell returns as sheriff to the changed, now crime-ridden Kansas town to rethink his calling, joined by unlikely reinforcements—an experienced but alcoholic deputy and a youthful banjo player. The team, often outnumbered, confronts thieves and killers in a series of gun battles. As Atwell fights lawlessness, he struggles with his feelings toward a recent widow. Eventually he must decide:  keep the badge or again wear the clerical collar.

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: FICTION / African American / Contemporary Women
Release Date: November 6, 2014
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-075-6 ISBN 10:1631120751
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-076-3 ISBN 10:163112076X

Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html
 Sydnee Garrett has a lot on her to-do list. Wrangle her young and rambunctious twin boys. Check. Get her life back in order since her husband decided to leave her for a much younger woman. Check. And buy a Christmas tree. Check.
What she wasn’t expecting was adding one more thing to her list. A young, sexy personal trainer. Check.
Quinn Masters is a man who knows what he wants and doesnt take no for an answer. He isnt fazed by age or race differences and he does everything in his power to win Sydnee over.
Will Sydnee continue to fight for her orderly life or welcome in the chaos that’s threatening to change her entire world?

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Historical, Alternative History
Release Date: March 13, 2014
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-082-4 ISBN 10: 1631120824
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-079-4 ISBN 10: 1631120794
Living abroad, Adela Tilden has avoided the worst of the rebellion. But now that King William has ordered her back on risk of disinheritance, it doesn’t seem she’ll be able to stay out of the tumult. Of course, Adela has never abided being a pawn.

With two men ahead of her, and one left behind, she has to hope she can control this game–or else she might lose her life.

Between books 1 and 2 of the Broken Line series, The Copper Rebellion is a glimpse into Antony and Adela’s lost years after The Copper Witch

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: FICTION / Historical /Thrillers
Release Date: November 6, 2014
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-069-5 ISBN 10:1631120697
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-070-1 ISBN 10:1631120700

Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html
 On Orders Of The Commandant is an historical novel, set inside a 1940's concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland.
It is the story of four men who are imprisoned.
In their afterwards struggle, they deal with several issues-desolation, losing their family and freedom-but more importantly are confronted with the knowledge of a machinated plot intended by an SS First Commandant right under their noses.
A plan is conceived, after having an underground exit pointed out to them, to escape the concentration camp itself...

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary / Ghost / Paranormal
Release Date: November 6, 2014
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-073-2 ISBN 10:1631120735
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-074-9 ISBN 10:1631120743
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html
Mallory got her happily ever after, but haunting loss in the past has her running scared that she will lose her beloved yet again. Can anything...or anyone make her realise she needs to let go of the past and live for today?

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
Release Date: November 6, 2014
Digital ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-067-1 ISBN 10:1631120670
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-068-8 ISBN 10:1631120689
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html
Johnny, an IT geek still lives at home with his parents. When his brother and sister-in-law help a sick friend, he gets coerced into babysitting his two year old niece, Zoe, on a weekly basis. Johnny reluctantly takes on the challenge with humourous and often near-disastrous results. Over time, Zoe's independence-seeking and outgoing personality inspires Johnny to try to improve his health, his fashion sense and even his love life. However, after a couple of setbacks, Johnny wonders if it’s worth the effort and retreats to his former habits. Can Zoe show him the way to true love?

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You have been waiting for these two wonderful books! Here they are...

Available from 5 Prince Publishing www.5princebooks.com  books@5princebooks.com
Genre Contemporary Romance:
Vivian Book three of The Three Mrs. Monroes
Release Date: October 9, 2014
Digital ISBN-10: 1631120425 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-042-8
Print ISBN-10: 1631120433 ISBN-13: 978-1-63112-043-5
Purchase link : http://www.5princebooks.com/buy-links.html

From loss breeds new beginnings
Vivian Monroe had been jaded. Her husband’s death only compounded the lies she’d only come to learn about.
Clayton North knows a thing or two about loss. He figured it was fate for him to meet Vivian Monroe. He’ll take on the challenge of helping her mend her heart.
Midst new friendships and new romance, Vivian must let go of her pain and face the woman who helped Adam Monroe weave his deceptive web.
About the Author:
Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011, along with her other series and single title books. The married mother of five sons promises Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it, because she lives it.

When not writing, Bernadette Marie is shuffling her sons to their many events—mostly hockey—and enjoying the beautiful views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from her front step. She is also an accomplished martial artist with a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

A chronic entrepreneur, Bernadette Marie opened her own publishing house in 2011, 5 Prince Publishing, so that she could publish the books she liked to write and help make the dreams of other aspiring authors come true too.

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Excerpt of Vivian:

Chapter One

God she was miserable. Vivian Monroe sat in her car just on the outskirts of town. The late November wind was kicking up. It was cold and her damn car had stalled—just like everything had for her for years.
It had been less than six months ago that she found out her husband of ten years had married two other women before his death.
Never in a million years, though, did she think she’d make a new life with those other two Mrs. Monroes. Adam, her late husband, had left her with nothing. His second wife, whom he’d left everything to, had stepped up to make sure that Vivian and her daughters were always taken care of. She may never admit it aloud, but she’d learned a lot from Amelia.
It had been Amelia who had come up with the plan for Adam’s widows to take what he’d left and start a business. It would help to take care of Adam’s children and then no one walked away with everything. They were building a daycare center of all things. It would open next week if everything went according to plan.
Her mind shifted to Penelope, Adam’s newest wife. Though Penelope was only ten years, or so, younger than her, she felt as if she were a mother to the girl. Penelope was eight months pregnant with Adam’s baby. She needed compassion—especially from Vivian, who’d been through the process.
Vivian gritted her teeth and tried to start the engine again. Nothing.
She’d called for help, but it was going to be awhile. Sam, her late husband’s lawyer and Amelia’s new fiancĂ©, was in court. Amelia had an inspector at the old house they were converting into the daycare center. And Penelope and Brock, the man who had been by Adam’s side when he died in combat and now was Penelope’s fiancĂ©, were in a doctor’s appointment.
She was totally alone. Even her own girls were at the rec center daycare for the day. That, she thought, was the only plus to the day.
The day trip to Oklahoma City to find out anything she could on Adam’s mother hadn’t turned up much. Stella Monroe, by all accounts, seemed to be missing.
Vivian hated that she thought it wasn’t really a bad thing to have the woman MIA. But, it did mean they didn’t know where she was and there was a great chance she’d be coming after her.
After Adam had died, her mother-in-law had, well, gone off the deep end. Her husband had even found it beneficial to move her to Florida and away from Parson’s Gulch, Oklahoma where she’d made her home for most of her life.
Still, she’d texted Vivian three weeks ago saying she was coming after her and then the house where they were building the daycare had been broken into. Things just weren’t adding up.
Vivian smiled when she thought about the books that had been thrown around in the attic the night of the break in. They’d all been full of money. Six thousand dollars had been found in between the pages and in the cutouts of the vintage books. Adam’s grandmother had stashed it all there. As far as she was concerned, when they were given the house and all of its contents that included the money too. Of course, now sitting in her broken down car meant it might have to be used for costly repairs.
Another car pulled up behind hers, but it wasn’t one of the four people she’d called. She looked into the review mirror and saw Clayton North stepping out of his car.
Great. The one man who had turned her head in all these years had come to rescue her. He and that shiny gold band on his hand that she’d neglected to see the first day she’d met him.
Oh, she had to have looked stupid flirting with him like she was. What made her think he was available? And why did she care, except she’d gotten caught up in all this falling in love that had been going on. First Amelia and Sam and then Penelope and Brock. She was a woman after all. She could certainly blame it on hormones.
She let out a long breath and waited for him to come to her door. When he tapped on the window, she opened the door.
“It’s so dead I can’t roll down the window,” she said, forcing a smile on her face.
“I brought cables. I’ll give you a jump.”
“Thanks.” She popped the hood of her car, climbed out, and watched as Clayton walked back and climbed into his car. He drove it around the quiet road so that he was parked right next to her.
He popped the hood of his car as he climbed out. “It’ll just take a moment.”
He pulled the cables out of his car and walked around to the front of the cars.
Clayton chuckled to himself. “I always forget which way these go.”
“Red ones are positive. Black are negative.”
He nodded. “Right. You’d think that would be easy enough to remember.”
Clayton went about connecting the cables and Vivian watched, then what he said hit her.
“You said you brought cables. You didn’t just have them and saw me stranded?”
Clayton shook his head. “The gal at the front desk of the rec center lent them to me. I’d gone to get my girls and they said you’d called because you were going to be late. I told them I’d come get you.”
Vivian nodded slowly, her stare fixed on this man she’d flirted with and even had invited to a private bar-b-cue. She sickened herself. Though he did come without his wife. That didn’t uphold his character very well, she decided.
“You drove all the way out here to get me?”
Clayton looked around and then back at her. “Because you’re stranded.”
She crossed her arms over her chest as much out of irritation as to shield her from the cold. “Just a nice guy routine?”
Clayton’s sandy hair was blowing in the opposite direction in which he’d combed it, giving it a ledge. His brown eyes were narrowed on her as he held the last cord in his hand.
“No routine going on. I thought we were friends and you needed some help.”
“Friends? I just met you a few weeks ago.”
“Right.” He winced. “You invited me to a party too. Friends do that. Even if they just met. Remember I’m new in town. I don’t know too many people.”
“Whatever. Thanks for coming out. Very strange, but thank you.” She couldn’t even stand the sound of her own voice as she talked to him. The first time they’d met she was giddy and gushy—not like her either. But now she was being crude and snide. More like her, she thought, but not nice.
He clamped the last cable to the side of the engine compartment. “Okay, go start your car.”
Vivian walked back to her car and turned the key. The car sputtered and finally came to life. When she looked up Clayton stood there with an enormous grin looking down at two running engines.
That nerdy grin was making her insides gooey again, just as it had when he’d arrived at the old house looking for a daycare for his girls. Two of the cutest girls she’d ever seen.
It was stupid to be mad at herself just because an attractive, smart guy considered her a friend. And then there was the matter of fact that he was going to be paying some of her bills when his daughters attended their daycare.
She let her mouth slide into an easy smile as she climbed out of the car.
“I really appreciate you coming to help me out. That was above and beyond.”
“I’d like to think that someone would help me someday too.”
Cute and genuinely nice. His wife was a lucky lady—whoever she was.
Clayton took the cables off of the batteries and rolled them around his arm. Vivian slammed down her hood and he did the same.
“Amelia is with the inspector now getting everything signed off on the daycare. If everything goes well, we should be open next week.”
His eyes grew wide. “Oh, that’ll be great. My girls talk about your girls non-stop. They’ll be glad to be around them all the time.”
He was easy to look at and easy to talk to. She found herself wanting to do just that—stare and talk.
“How is school going?” she asked, remembering that he was a new school teacher in town.
“So far, not bad. I’ve been called Mr. South, Mr. West, Mr. East, and Mr. Northbound.”
She chuckled and he eased his hip against his car, which only made him cuter.
“Third graders are funny like that.”
“Sometimes sassier than high schoolers.”
When he crossed his arms over his chest, she was reminded of that wedding ring on his finger. She didn’t want to be that other woman to worry about.
Vivian pushed back her shoulders and held out her hand. “Thank you, Mr. Northwest, for helping me out today.”
He grinned as he shook her hand. “My pleasure.”
“I look forward to seeing the girls next week.”
She turned back to her car and began to climb inside.
“Hey,” he called. “I’m taking the fam out for pizza on Saturday night. That place on the edge of town with the video games.”
She nodded. She knew the place too well. That was where she and Adam had spent many of their teenage lustful nights.
“Anyway,” he continued. “Why don’t you and the girls meet us there? We can have family pizza night for everyone.”
Vivian swallowed hard. “They’d like that.”
He gave her a wave as he climbed into his car and motioned for her to drive ahead of him.
She put the car in gear and started back down the road.
Looking back in her rearview mirror, she saw him on his cell phone. No doubt talking to his wife.
She was a big enough woman to be friends with him—and the wife. She’d been lied to and she didn’t trust anyone, so this would be a good step for her. Trust a man she just met that makes her insides gooey—and spend time with his kids and wife.
Nothing seemed off about that at all, she tried to convince herself. He was just a good, decent man. He’d come to her rescue and his daughters would be in her care next week when her business opened.

But it didn’t stop the fact that he was so handsome and she wished he was single.

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Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal
Release Date: October 9, 2014
Digital ISBN 13 978-1-63112-071-8 ISBN 10: 1631120719
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Braving the Darkness
All have sacrificed, but one will sacrifice all…

Just when Olivia thought she’d finally have everything she always wanted, she was never closer to losing it all. Haden rocked Olivia’s foundation when he professed his love for her, and then turned himself in to the High Court. Although it was for the best, watching him walk out of her life was one of the hardest things she’d ever done.
Liam has always been the angel that holds her heart. But nothing will test the bonds of that love more than when a sick twist of fate brings all their lives crashing back together again.
Bitter enemies in love with the same woman, Liam and Haden must put their differences aside to battle an evil whose reach is far greater than either of them ever imagined. It will take all their strength to protect Olivia from an enemy that’s come to claim her and usher in a power-play to overthrow the High Court.
Love, sacrifice, and betrayal… It all comes to a heart-stopping conclusion in Braving the Darkness.   

Melynda Price:
An avid lover of paranormal romance, Melynda was inspired to write her own series after reading the Book of Enoch. She’s always had a fascination with stories about angels, and the role they’ve played in the history of our multi-dimensional world.
She attended Bethel University in Minnesota and graduated in 2003, holding AA, ASN and BSN degrees.
She lives in Northern Minnesota where she has plenty of snow-filled days to curl up in front of the fireplace with her Chihuahua, and a hot cup of coffee, to write. She’s blessed with two amazing children, and a wonderful husband of nineteen years.
Redemption Series:
“Writing the Redemption Series has been a fantastic adventure, culminating a world of mystery, suspense, love and deception. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to see beyond our dimension? Step into Olivia Norton’s world, where nothing is quite as it seems, and evil lurks where she least expects it.”

Excerpt of Braving the Darkness

Chapter One

The knot of unease tightened in Liam’s gut as he waited for her to answer. Muttering an oath under his breath, he stormed down the stairs and headed in the direction Haden had come. He should have known the bastard would be early, his only regret was agreeing to meet him here. The farther that bastard stayed from Olivia, the better. But unfortunately at the time, he’d been of no mind to argue location. He’d just been relieved Haden hadn’t decided to bolt, leading him on a merry chase that would take him away from Olivia.
As he entered the hall, he came to an abrupt halt at finding her standing by the kitchen, staring at—nothing. She looked utterly shell-shocked, as if her world had suddenly come crashing down on her.
When she didn’t respond, he took her face in his hands and bent down, breaking into her line of sight. She blinked a few times, as if coming out of a trance, and those beautiful emerald orbs slowly shifted into focus. Instinctively, he stretched his senses, searching for their connection, trying to take her emotional pulse. Encountering nothing, but that damn empty void, his jaw, clenched in frustration, biting back the snarled curse hovering so close to his lips. Any fool could see she was upset, but the why of it was what had him concerned.
Damn Haden! No doubt that bastard was to blame for this. What had he said to rattle her so soundly? Odds were she wouldn’t tell him if he asked. For some reason, she’d taken it upon herself to protect him. She claimed her concern was for his salvation—and maybe it was—but part of him wondered if there wasn’t more to it.
“Olivia, are you all right?” He tipped her face up to get a better look at her. “You’re pale.” Pale? She looked downright ghostly. Fucking Haden…this son of a bitch was quickly turning into the bane of his existence.
Her hand absently flittered to the flat of her stomach, looking as if she was about to be sick. “I’m…fine.”
Her airy, haunted voice told him she was anything but that. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, he gently guided Olivia into the kitchen and pulled out a chair for her to sit down. She had that look she often wore right before her stomach rebelled.
Come to think of it, she’d been ill a lot since they’d left Rebecca’s. He knew she was prone to motion sickness and they’d spent a great deal of time traveling over the last few weeks, but they had been home now for several days and the nausea still plagued her. Were they still bonded, he’d sense if anything were amiss. His loss of connection to her continued to seethe like a slow, burning acid in his veins.
“Do you have any of Rebecca’s ginger tea left?” Grabbing a mug from the cupboard, he filled it with water and stuck it in the microwave.
“No, but I think there’s some holiday spice in the drawer by the stove. Liam…?”
He tensed at the uncertainty in her voice and glanced over his shoulder. She worried at her bottom lip, a nervous habit that gave away her unease. “Yeah?”
For a moment, she didn’t speak as if she wasn’t certain she should or could put her thoughts into words. “What do you think will happen to Haden once you get to court?”
So that’s what this was about? He ground his teeth together, biting back the snarled curse just begging to get out. The Neph—it was always the Neph. Schooling his features as to not giveaway the extent her concern for the half-breed galled him, Liam shrugged as if to say he cared not either way—which he truly didn’t. Were it not for Liam’s devotion to this female, and a hefty dose of guilt that made it neigh impossible to refuse her, Haden would have been dead thrice by now. “Hard to say... I suppose that will depend on him.”
The microwave stopped and the shrill beep stung his preternaturally acute hearing. He yanked the door open, cutting off the alarm, and pulled out the mug, dropping a tea bag inside the steaming water before carrying it over to her.
“Umm… Liam? There’s something I have to tell you.”
Well, this didn’t sound good. He took a seat beside her and pressed his palm against her forehead, checking for a fever. “Are you sure you’re feeling all right?”
Despite her nod, he wasn’t the slightest bit convinced. Her hand held a notable tremor as she raised the cup to her lips. When she sat it down, he took both her hands and gently squeezed—a silent encouragement to proceed. “What do you have to tell me, Olivia?” Whatever she had to say couldn’t be good. The pulse in her wrist battered against his thumb as he lovingly caressed her silken flesh.
Liam hadn’t seen her this shaken since the night he and Haden rescued her from Gahn. That night still haunted him and would for some time to come, for too many reasons to name, and for others he refused to lay claim to. Still, the one unanswered question that continued to plague him, above all, the rest: Why didn’t Gahn kill Olivia in the Everglades? It was no secret he wanted her dead; he’d tried and failed for years. She was too great a threat to the Dark Court to keep alive, so why not finish it when he had the chance?
The way he’d staked her to the floor, the salt, the pentagram—all of it indicated he’d had every intention of ending her life that night. So what had changed his mind? Liam wasn’t fool enough to think the demon had been struck with a moment of conscience. Perhaps Haden would know the answer. He knew the demon better than anyone else, having been raised by him, and those two were cut from the same cloth—deceptive, ruthless and rotten as hell.
Olivia swallowed and the arid click in her throat broke the silence stretching between. “Liam, I’m—.”
Bang! Bang! Bang! The pounding against the kitchen window cut her off and Olivia jumped, letting out a startled yelp. Liam’s head snapped up and he leveled Haden with a murderous glare.
“Come on!” the half-breed barked impatiently, scowling through the glass. He lifted his wrist and tapped his finger where a watch should have been.
“Just a minute,” Liam snapped. Had he ever wanted to kill anyone more than this bastard right now? Well, perhaps Gahn, but that was beside the point. Turning his attention back to Olivia, he mumbled an apology for Haden’s rude interruption. “Go on, now what were you saying? You’re what?”
She hesitated, suddenly seeming unsure. Then, as if decided on something, she exhaled a breath she’d been holding and blurted, “I’m…I’m really going to miss you.”
Liam’s chest tightened as if an invisible hand had reached into his chest and squeezed his heart. Damn, he didn’t want to leave her again—even if only for a few days. “I’m going to miss you, too, sweetheart, but I won’t be gone long. I promise.”
“Will you do me a favor?”
He nodded. “Of course...” Did she even have to ask? There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her.
“Please…tell Haden…thank you. And that I’m sorry.”
At the mention of Haden’s name, Liam tensed; his face tightening to a furrow of displeasure, his waning patience for the bloody male was well beyond its expiration date. “I feel as if you and I need to talk when I get back,” he grumbled, no longer trying to hide his ire.
She nodded, and once again he cursed his broken connection to her. In the week since they’d returned from the Everglades, Liam had intentionally given her space. What she’d gone through had been terrifying and traumatic. He’d hoped that with a little time she’d open up to him on her own and talk about what had happened between her and Haden that night out in the yard. Liam’s measure of grace only stretched so far, and it seemed this male was quickly becoming a sore subject between the two of them—one that was going to need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.
Resigned not to part from her with strife growing between them, he stood and kissed her goodbye. “I love you, Olivia, always and forever. You know that, right? Nothing will ever change that.”
She nodded, a pensive smile touching her beautiful lips. “I love you, too. Always and forever,” she returned the vow, her fists twisting in the collar of his shirt as she clung to him, seeming reluctant to let him go.
He sensed no hesitation in her words. No deceit or confusion as she confessed her heart to him. But, undeniably, her heart was troubled. About what, he intended to get to the bottom of as soon as he got back. With a final brush of his lips against her forehead, Liam turned and walked toward the door. The only thing that kept his feet moving was the knowledge he was coming back—alone.
As far as Liam was concerned, he couldn’t part ways with Haden fast enough. That Olivia felt the need to apologize to the bastard was proof enough that this manipulative shit was still trying to get his claws into her. More than once over the last week, he regretted his decision to go back into that burning building. Had Liam refused Olivia’s plea to save Haden’s life, his world would be a shit-load less complicated right now, and he wouldn’t be saying goodbye to Olivia so he could play chauffeur to this prick who was too arrogant to realize the opportunity set before him. Life or death—it was his to choose. The bastard was damn lucky the decision wasn’t up to Liam.
“It’s about damn time,” Haden growled as Liam stepped off the porch. The Neph stood beneath a palm, leaning casually against the tall, curved spine. His arms crossed defiantly over his chest, his tawny brows knitted in that perpetual scowl of annoyance. Bracing his shoulder against the tree, the male shoved off and lumbered toward him. “Let’s get this over with.”
When the Neph approached, Liam stuck out his hand. Haden stopped short and gave him an ached look. “I’m not sure what I’ve done to give you the wrong impression, but I don’t swing that way. Sorry to tell you. But truly, I’m flattered—.”
“Shut the fuck up,” Liam growled, grabbing Haden’s hand in a crushing grip. The tough bastard didn’t so much as flinch. “Were there any other way to get you into my world, believe me, I’d do it.”
“Then by all means, here’s my other hand if you want it.” Liam knocked the offending extremity out of his way and marched around the house to a more private place to disappear than the front yard on a Monday morning.