Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So this winter I did alot of reading while my kids were on winter break.  Have found some great reads!  Check these out!  I give all of them 5/5 stars!

Matchmakers by: Bernadette Marie
The first in a triliogy, I thought I would check out this new author.  I think I have found a wonderful, talented author who will go far in her writing.  Bernadettte Marie knows how to hook a reader, captivate them until the very end.

Encore Performance by: Bernadette Marie
Book two of the Matchmakers Triliogy was exceptional.  I could Not put it down.  Finished this book in record time.  It was so good, you will finish it the first day also.

Finding Hope by: Bernadette Marie
This third and final book in the Matchamakers Trilogy was sesational.  Hope and Trevor take you on an adventure not to miss.  It is always good to know your roots.

The Executives Decision by: Bernadette Marie
Dating the boss is never a good thing.  Unless you fall into a strangers lap.  This book kept me glued to my seat.

Cart Before the Horse by: Berndette Marie
The love story between Holly and Gabe is NOT your typical love story.  It reminds me of real life and things don't always work out according to plans.

She Belongs to Me by: Carmen DeSousa
Great Book!!! I was really expecting a different outcome. Carmen kept me in suspense up to the very end.

Finding Ms Wright by: ML Guild, Hillary Seidel, Lori Corsentino
Cassandra- By ML Guild Shows Dreams really do come true. Eric and Cassandra prove that love can endure anything.
Sia- By Hillary Seidl Fighting demons can bring people together in the strangest of ways.
Evelyn- By Lori Corsentino Fairy tales are real? Who knew. Lori did! This HOT HOT HOT story will take you to a fairy tale you don't want to end!

So as you can see I have been very busy reading reading reading.  I hope this helps you decide which books to pick up next time you are looking for a great read!

Cynthia Ann

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