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Welcome Author Christina OW

A Big Welcome to Author Christina OW. Why don't we start with and excerpt of Star Bright, which I Loved by the way!

Maria weaved through the booths and walked to table five balancing four plates on her arms and hands. Sometimes she wondered why she took this job in the first place. But she didn’t have much of a choice, that and the fact there wasn’t much in the small town of Jacksonville Mississippi to do, and there weren’t many options of a job position for a twenty- two year old girl who didn’t have a college education, with a four year old son and a dead beat boyfriend. It was a good thing her mother worked as a seamstress or they would be struggling more than they already were.

“Two burgers with fries, a veggie salad and an omelette with toast,” Maria repeated their order with a smile as she set the plates down on the table. She placed the veggie salad in front of the girl silently congratulating her on her efforts to lose weight. She was so round and hefty, at first Maria didn’t think she would fit in the booth, but somehow she managed. She placed the omelette and the burgers in front of the three guys sharing her table. “Would you like anything else?” she asked with a pasted smile that her manager had insisted she needed to have on at all times.

“You got our orders wrong!” the girl answered, looking at Maria with lethal eyes. Her freckled forehead was creased and her chubby cheeks looked even bigger with her lips curved down. Maria looked at her with equally hostile eyes. She had a long day with many obnoxious, perverted customers, there was very little polite left in her.

“Oh, I’m sorry which one?” she said feigning concern. She was sure she had gotten the orders right and the girl just wanted to annoy her, for some incomprehensive stupid reason, customers thought it fun to make waitresses run around like hamsters on a wheel under the notion of customer service. She was about to pull out her note book from the front pocket of her apron when the girl switched plates with one of the burger guys and pulled the omelette closer to her. Maria looked at her shocked, “Those are both yours?” The shock echoed in her voice.

“Yeah, so?” the girl barked.

Maria looked at the man who didn’t have food, he was tiny and was wearing a shirt three sizes too big. He sucked on his straw nosily, looking at her from under his long brown hair and then she turned to the one who got the salad. His clothes fitted tightly on his small frame. He looked like a pubescent girl tossing the salad around on his plate. He needed that burger more than the chubby girl did. The two were thin enough for her to eat with one bite each “Enjoy your meal.” She turned around and walked away. As she made her way to the counter, she could feel several eyes on her. She suddenly felt under dressed as she did on several occasions in the diner. Their uniforms didn’t help much and made her discomfort even worse.
See, this makes me want to read it all over again! Great book! So tell us something about yourself.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?
Being able to express my imagination on paper and the fact that there is no limit or boundaries when creating an entirely fictitious new life I can live in for a few months.

What genre(s) do you write?
Romance, Paranormal, Suspense, Contemporary

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
When you have to describe a very painful scene. I really don’t want to do it, but the book really needs it. I end up feeling guilty destroying a life.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
 I like planning out my books especially the series. It gives me a sense of direction and how and when the characters are to grow.
In Star Bright I was a pantser. I knew who Maria was and who Dave was at the beginning of the book but when the other characters come in, they just shaped them and they became these other people, very different from whom I thought they would be. Maria grew into this fierce confident woman, mother and wife and this was all because of Dave and to some extent Ricky, the villain. 

 Why do you think people should choose your books over another author?
I don’t think my book is better than anyone else’s. A book is supposed to relax you, make you think or open people’s minds. It just depends on what rocks the readers’ boats, and if my books are it, that’s cool.

What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories?
It’s not wrong to dream, true love does exist and to always think of yourself and be selfish sometimes. Or you could risk getting lost or stuck.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
In Star Bright. The message is don’t make excuses when you are in an abusive relationship because there is a man out there just waiting to show you what true love is.
‘I am the master of my destiny, the leader of my actions, the dictator of my world for the power lives in me and no one else.’

What other careers have you had?
I was an intern at a law firm for three months and then I did two months as an apprentice at a fashion house. I also feature in other artists songs

Do you write under more than one name? Why?
No. I use only one pen name Christina OW.
 My real name is Rinah Lidonde

Are any of your characters based on real people or events?
Star Bright yes. Spousal abuse is everywhere so this was my way of writing a happy ending to all of them.

What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?
The romantic suspense thriller, Fatal Jealousy will be released in January 2013.
Twins Ellsa and Ellie are completely different in character, personality, taste and interests. Apart from the striking resemblance to each other, they share the one thing siblings shouldn’t…. the same taste in men.
They keep falling for the same man, creating a quiet rivalry between them. Determined not to let a man come between them ever again, Ellie and Ellsa agree to stay away from each others relationships. But when they meet Dale Carson, an FBI agent and a bachelor, their love lives are turned upside down. 
But they aren’t the only ones taken by the rogue. His partner and long time lover, Gwen Johansson, also called dibs.
 Carson is interested in only one of them. He is pulled by Ellie’s passion for love and art, and most importantly, him. What starts as a sexual chase, ends with his permanent retirement from bachelorhood.
But their love story is not a smooth one.
Carson’s day job comes knocking on his front door and before he knows it, his whole world is ripped apart.
 Out of all the possible suspects, Ellie has the most evidence stacked up against her. She is implicated in the brutal murders of her ex-boyfriends, and Carson is faced with the horror of arresting the love of his life. With two suspects of his own, he is convinced she is being set up, but he has no way of proving it.

Sounds exciting! Another one I am going to have to read! How can our readers find you?
Facebook: Christina OW
Twitter: @christina_ow

Thank you so much for stopping by. After Fatal Jealousy comes out, we will see you again!

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