Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome Author Rebekah Roberts

Rebekah Roberts Author of Petals

Why don't we start by tellling us a little something about yourself.

My obsession with fairytales, romance, and Jesus came at an early age. I knew as a young teen that I wanted to write books for girls that were both fun to read and good for them.
While working as a nanny and volunteering in my church’s youth group, I continue my mission to write wholesome romances and uses fiction as a platform for The Unfolding Rose Ministries; where I help to promote true beauty and self confidence in girls.
I was homeschooled through high school.  I continued my education at Moore Norman Technology, where I studied creative writing. I use my education to instill a love of the craft in the next generation through teaching writing classes.
Growing up in small town Oklahoma, I love the old south and history, which finds its way into my writing and everyday conversation with dreams of plantation houses, WWII dances, and Victorian trivia. I have a passion for taking an old story and making it new.
When I'm is not writing or working with youth, I love to watch sci-fi movies with family or enjoy a pot of tea with good friends. Petals is my first novel. 

Now tell us something about your book.

“Beauty might just be the beast.”’
Calla Williams is not like other girls.  Most girls spend their whole lives trying to be beautiful, Calla already is…and she hates it.
When she is shipped off one summer to live with family friends in their dilapidated Mississippi plantation, Calla is faced with the prospect of living with strangers and their teenage son.  This is annoying because, like any other boy, he is sure to fall in love with her on sight. However, Griffin Davenport is not your typical teenage guy. With his hot temper and half of his face severely scarred, “hate at first sight” is closer to what she finds.
Though the two teens try to stay out of each other’s way, an odd attraction to each other makes staying away anything but easy.
Now, Calla must deal with growing feelings, her own prejudices, and finding the secret to Griffin’s past. As hate turns to friendship and friendship becomes something more, Calla learns a startling truth: God uses even how we look in His plan for our lives.

How do you come up with the titles?
Petals was originally called, Calla and Griffin: A Modern Day Version of Beauty and the Beast.  I laugh now, when I think about how long that would have been.  After I came to my senses and realized I didn’t need the whole storyline on the cover, I changed it to simply Petals because roses are such an important theme in Beauty and the Beast as well as my novel. 

Has your life changed significantly since becoming a published writer? 
 I think my writing finally has some weight behind it.  When you have spent years just typing on a laptop pr scribbling in a notebook and claim to be a writer no one really takes you seriously, but after you are published suddenly they are asking you to edit things for them.  It’s funny how that works.  In a lot of ways I feel like I just graduated. 

 Do you work on one project at a time? Or do you multi-task? 
 I can’t multi-task well.  I try to keep up blogs and facebook, maybe a short story, while writing a novel, but I can’t get my brain around more than one novel at a time.  I get distracted too easily, and that is how projects go unfinished.  

When not writing, how do you relax?
 I love to go to the movies.  I try to see anything that even looks halfway good.  When I was a little girl, my dad and I would watch a movie at home every night and we would go out to the theater at least once a week.  I still love to watch a good movie, but I am much more apt to fall asleep these days. 

If people wanted to get ahold of you, where do they need to go?
Wonderful! Thank You for Sharing with us today.






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